We all choose different uniform companies, for different reasons — Brand recognition, word of mouth, and let’s be real, sometimes it’s all in who pops up on Google first. However, there are certain signs that you should be aware of when #FindingYourFit! In this quick read, we share 9 early Signs it's time to switch uniform companies! Look out for these red flags (or as we call them... "Pink Flags") -- that it’s time to consider a move, and what we can offer instead...

Cost and demand, return of investment, and profit margins are typically the rules of the game when it comes to business. At Glitterstarz, WE are in the business of making a living — not a killing. Want your athletes to SHINE without breaking the bank? Did you know at Glitterstarz, we have bundle pricing, and we NEVER turn our nose at someone asking for a discount. We know that price points vary from gym to gym, team to team, family to family and even athlete to athlete, and we are here to make cost a non-issue for you!

Have you ever had the perfect design in mind, but no one to connect with to bring your vision to life? A good uniform is made up of more than just bling — why look like every other program when yours was MADE to stand out? At Glitterstarz, we have a dedicated in-house creative team, which includes a Creative Director. We offer live design sessions, checkpoints throughout the design process, and will even offer feedback and insight based on what we’re seeing with industry trends. Request a Live Design Session — we’d love to show you how creative we can be!

Say goodbye to the multiple tracking numbers, login credentials, and swatch numbers to remember, because you’ve had to order each item you need from a different vendor. Glitterstarz offers every product from bow to toe, which cuts out the need for multiple different vendors, and the need to learn a lot of different processes. Keeping it all in one spot is simple. If you love our uniforms, you will be AMAZED at the other products we offer, and we can show you a bundle proof with all of your items on one virtual proof to share with your gym and studio families!

Email, Text, Phone, You Name It — We are here for you! At Glitterstarz, we have a direct office line — 708.496.8004, where during our business hours of 8am to 5pm, you’ll always be able to reach a GlitterStarz team member and be transferred to your Personal Team Stylist. We also offer online individual booking links for each Team Stylist, so you can schedule a call in advance at your convenience!

Did you know that Glitterstarz sends out size kits to gyms with 30 or more athletes, uniforms over $300, or for gyms that are in 3 or more products. It's the 3-3-3 rule! Request a Sizing Kit today, and your Personal Team Stylist will walk you through the sizing process every step of the way! 

There is no such thing as too much fun, and designing uniforms for your athletes should be just that! At Glitterstarz, FUN is our middle name! We have dance parties at lunch time, we take midday outside bubble breaks at our corporate office and we include our customers in on the fun when they need a little pick me up. 

In recent years, we have sourced Korean made fabric — ten steps up from the lower quality fabric we used in the past, that many other companies still use. We believe in giving you the absolute most BLING FOR YOUR BUCK — Try and tell us different! We’ll even give you a “sample test” so that you can FEEL the difference between decent and PREMIUM.

Truth Moment: Dropshipping and factory outsourcing have become the norm in our industry — but not at GlitterStarz.

When was the last time your shipping label showed the direct name and address of the vendor you ordered it from, let alone a PINK BRANDED BOX to remind you exactly where it came from? We take pride in the products that we provide for you, and know that there’s no one to carry out the work better than the people on our team that you know and trust. 

For this reason, Glitterstarz has a Creative Department that looks over the artwork, an Invoicing Department to make sure quantities are correct, a Production Department to make sure things are on time, and a Quality Control Department to make sure that all of our products meet the Glitterstarz #FiveStarStandard. From start to finish, we’ve got you covered and are happy to walk you through the process step by step. 

Did you know we are partnered with many major Event Partners across the US? They partner with Glitterstarz, because they know we all have the same vision in mind for our industry — Growth & a Network of Support; a circle of trust, if you will! Click the link below to find out what Event Producers we are partnered with this year, so we can see you IN PERSON at a competition near you this upcoming season!

Does any of this feel familiar? Great news! There’s still time to be connected with a Personal Team Stylist and get started on #DesigningYourDream! Schedule a 15 minute Intro by clicking the button below!



It’s time to be honest!

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