About Cheer Max and Apex Championships

Cheer Max and Apex Championships produce FUN, FAIR & AFFORDABLE, Cheer and Dance
Championships across the United States. With full lights and sound production at all competitions,
qualified knowledgeable judges, score check and lots of fun for the entire family
Owned by Cory Moretz and Lisa Jablonski, the Independent Event Producers combine a wealth of
knowledge and experience in the cheer and dance industry and event production which aids them in
providing the highest quality event.


About Deep South Spirit

Deep South Spirit has produced high-quality, full production competitions since 1999. With a focus on
the customer experience, in a highly professional and fun-filled environment, Deep South Spirit
creates experiences for the entire family that attendees will always remember.
Deep South is an Independent Event Producer dedicated to fair and accurate scoring, affordable
events with top-notch production and the ultimate experience for all involved, with a commitment to
redefine what winning looks like for the cheer and dance industries.


About Victory Athletics Spirit

With a mission to make every athlete feel valued for their hard work & dedication to cheerleading,
Victory is for the athletes that go hard, and crash harder. The ones whose faith is bigger than their
fears, and ambition is greater than their setbacks. From bunny-hop cartwheels, to strikes, stretches
and namastes.
We are there for the high-fives, the friendships, the camaraderie, and the getting up one more time
than you fall. We’re witness to your wins, and we’ll protect you for those try-again-tomorrows.
From the moment the doors open to the lights go out – we’re on your side in Victory.


About Redline Championships

At Redline, their veteran team of gym owners, coaches and athletes have been creating consistent competition experiences for 15 years.

Each competition is a high quality production. You can expect professional lighting, sound systems & professional announcers

High quality prizes and awards including rings, jackets, trophies, and banners. You can always expect consistent scoring, high quality production, and a personal touch when attending Redline competitions! Learn more at www.redlinecheer.com.


About Rockstar Championships

Rockstar hosted its first competition in 2008, at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond, OK.
Now, going into its 16th year, Rockstar is expanding more than ever! Rockstar competitions have
premium stage lighting, BIG SOUND, and quality competition. Rockstar is setting the bar higher for all
of the “branded” companies, as an independent family owned company. Experience the Rockstar


About Open Championship Series

In 2019, a group of event producers joined together to create the Open Championship Series after
realizing the cheerleading industry needed solutions to ever-growing prices, lack of choices, and
limited championship options. The Open Championships offers options for events that fit the needs of
everyone, no matter the program size. Choose between value qualifier events and premium qualifier
events in twelve different regions at hundreds of events put on by your favorite brands. The Open
Championship Series – Choices. Solutions. Reimagined.


About Celebrity Cheer & Dance Championships




About The Allstar Cheerleading Championships


Earn your National Championship Title by competing against teams both nationally and internationally at all levels: Allstar, School, Competitive Rec, Dance and College Divisions allowing you to compete against a variety of competitors. Earn points towards National Rankings and Credits to the Open Championship Series.

Detailed feedback in all categories providing insight on scoring from experienced, qualified judges.

National Championship Rings awarded to Level Champions at Live Challenge Series Events, and Prizes for Grand Champions.

All participants at each live events will receive custom designed medals for each event. Athlete Awards for all virtual events.

Learn more at https://www.theallstarcheerleadingchampionships.com/


About Revolution Championships

Revolution Championships offers unique, memorable competition experiences with a revolutionary eye for industry change, while finding new and meaningful ways to give back to the industry while simultaneously growing it.

They offer two exciting event experiences – Jackpot and Gold Rush!


See their event schedule at www.revolutionshampionships.com.


About The Allstar World Championship

The same group that brought you The Open Championship Series offers an exciting, and very exclusive, opportunity for the World’s top teams! This is a bid only event for the world’s best teams in the Mini, Youth, Junior and Senior divisions. Teams will have the ability to qualify at hundreds of Open Qualifier events offering At-Large Bids and Full Paid Bids.

The 2024 Allstar World Championship will take place April 18-21, 2024 in Orlando Florida!

See more information at www.theallstarworldchampionship.com