Have you approved your artwork and decided on GlitterStarz products? Then it's time to submit sizes!
We're here to make it easy for you. First, view our sizing guides below. If you need assistance, please contact your GlitterStarz representative.
Before Sizing Your Athletes, please read all information below to ensure correct measurements are taken.
If you have any questions about how to measure, please contact your GlitterStarz rep for more information.
All athletes need to measure the bust, waist, and hip to correctly put themselves into a GlitterStarz size. If any of these measurements fall into a bigger size than the other, we highly recommend choosing the larger size to accommodate the body. All athletes are built differently, and alterations may be needed for some athletes.

Bust: Have the athlete stand with their arms in a "T" motion. With the tape measure, measure the bust across the nipples, (at the fullest part of the chest), in a full circle around the back and to the front. Have athlete PUT THEIR ARMS BACK DOWN and log that measurement.
Waist: Make sure the athletes feet are shoulder width apart. Wrap the tape measure around the natural waistline, the most narrow part of the waist. If you are unsure of where that is, have your athlete bend to the side, and the body will bend at the natural waist.
Hip: With the athlete standing feet shoulder width apart, take the hip measurement at the fullest part of their hips/buttocks
While Glitterstarz is a custom uniform company, that does not mean that the received garments will come with custom sizes. Although we strive to fit our athletes into the perfect size, we are not responsible should alterations be required for a custom fit.

To Ensure a seamless sizing process, please follow the steps below in order to submit your sizing.

Confirm your final apparel and accessory choices with your Team Stylist. Your stylist will submit your chosen items for a "Final Artwork" Request. The artwork approved by the customer will be labeled with unique codes to track your order through the system. This step allows the design department to have a clear vision of your final choice of items.  

View and submit the Good Faith Estimate - This will lock in your estimated production dates and pricing. We will schedule your team dates on our GlitterStarz calendar, so we can followup with you when important dates are approaching. This will also give us an idea of which sizing option your program prefers (see more details in step 3).

Determine if a sizing kit, Glitz Kit (mailed with measuring tape and instructions) , or Digital Glitz Kit is preferred. Your Team Stylist will assist you in scheduling the best Sizing option for your program.

Read more about sizing kit options in our style guide here : Sizing Options Information Page

During your sizing event, please be sure you are entering submissions into our custom GlitterStarz "Pink Sheet" -- This is a live document custom-made for you, which we use for the customer to submit sizes to GlitterStarz. This live document is sent to you by your GlitterStarz Team Stylist, and will contain line items for each of the custom apparel garments you have chosen on your final artwork. This allows you to submit separate sizes for each athlete, and mark top and bottom sizing separately if needed. The GlitterStarz sizing chart is also provided on this sheet (or on the top of this page - click the black button to view ! )

This live sizing document is directly converted into a final order and invoice for your confirmation. Please note production timelines start after payment AND sizes are submitted.

Please note: GlitterStarz sizing will not exactly match the sizing and measurements of other cheer apparel companies. We provide 3-tier sizing, which allows for more options to cover the different shapes and sizes of every athlete: Child, Junior, and Adult. Be sure to view the sizing chart before submitting your pink sheet to your Team Stylist. Our sizing department will always double check your size chart submissions against measurements provided to ensure the best match is chosen.

Please view our sizing video below for more information !