Dear Gym Owners, Coaches, and Decision Makers,

My passion is to make people’s lives better. I founded GlitterStarz 13 years ago with a simple goal. To create products that would bring light and joy to young athletes.

We’re committed to style and innovation, but more than that, we’re committed to the sustainability of our industry. With reasonable price-points for every gym, our glitter isn’t out of reach of anyone, period!

We hear you, and we’re here for you. Make a difference to your families and cheerleaders this season with GlitterStarz, The Rhinestone Leaders of the World™.

About GlitterStarz, Inc.

We Are Grateful For You

Your success and happiness is our success and happiness. We are your biggest advocate and together we want to make it all happen for you. We have customers with apparel needs large and small and we remain grateful for every opportunity to be your trusted supplier.

Affordable Style

We get it. You want the most bling for your buck - with quality fabrics, a fit that instills confidence in your athletes, and designs that will stop 'em in their tracks. We understand it's hard to have it all - a dream uniform and a budget that makes sense. But don't worry... we got this!

Dependable Deliveries

Start believing in a season free from stress about whether or not you'll have something to wear when you take the floor. Delivery dates are everything. We've always known that and we continue to work harder than everyone else at making sure our customers stay happy with us.