Our production process for custom apparel is listed below:

Step 1 - Art Approval & Good Faith Agreement

Step 2 - Submit Sizes. We're here to help if you have any sizing questions ! Please reference our GS Size chart unless otherwise specified. Your Team Stylist will assist as needed :)

Step 3 - Invoice is Sent

Step 4 - Full Payment is Made using GlitterStarz checkout. After full payment is made, we start production !

Step 5 - GlitterStarz production team begins Cutting & Sewing custom garments

Step 6 - GlitterStarz decorating team adds rhinestones, logos, & other applicable embellishments.

Step 7 - Your GlitterStarz products are sent to the Quality Control department, where we double check all quality elements including quantities, rhinestoning work, fabric quality, etc.

Step 8 - When products pass quality control, they are ready to ship! Your custom apparel is carefully packaged. Your product is shipped !