Cheer coach 80s babies... I know every move to Thriller... are you with me? So here’s a Halloween contest straight from me... Thriller enthusiast, 80s baby and founder and President of GlitterStarz.
We want to see your best TikTok performance - set to Thriller.
This contest is worth free practice wear OR jackets for one team (up to 24 athletes) PLUS a swag bag for the coach full of fun surprises. There will be ONE winner. 2 runner up winners will receive a swag bag for the coach who enters.
The TikTok video must contain a cheer coach. Anyone else may be included (athletes, family members, other coaches, celebrity cameos...) Yes you get extra points for costumes, creativity and special effects. Yes you get extra points for being a good dancer. TikTok entry must be shared on Instagram with @glitterstarzinc tagged and #cheercoachthrillerchallenge plus tag all coaches in video and list names and program name.
Fill out the form below to officially enter. Form must be filled out with account handle listed where we can find the video entry.